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Back in the ring…

Hello blogosphere! For those that have visited before, I know I’ve been MIA for quite a while! Health wise, this year has been pretty horrid.  I was tempted to describe in vivid detail all the sordid and no doubt, sympathy-inducing things I’ve been through, but I’ll just list them in a strictly business-like fashion:  😉 … Continue reading

Wake Up Call

I’m back! It’s been weeks since I’ve entered the blogosphere.  There are lots of reasons, but the primary one would have to do with my last post… Perfectionism. See, I haven’t been caring a lot about what, when or how I eat.  I haven’t been cooking much in the wonder machine (TMX), and I definitely haven’t been … Continue reading

the reluctant blogger

During the first few days of our journey into healthier, simpler eating, I could hardly wait to share things with anyone that might be interested (and probably some people who weren’t!).  Now, as the time passes, I find it somewhat harder to know what to tell you about. Part of the reluctance probably comes from … Continue reading

Oh my dog!

Today, I cooked up a veritable storm of things in the Thermomix.  I’ll try to put it all in order – with photos! First recipe of the day was porridge – I cooked up 150gm oats, 600gm A2 milk/water, salt.  Speed 1-2, Reverse, 90C for 9 minutes.  Added a glug of maple syrup at the end … Continue reading

A new week begins

Just popping in for a quick chat today.  DH is helping DS3 clean out his room – it looks like a paper/clothes/toy bomb went off in there, and there were no survivors!  This job has been on the “to do” list since the start of the school holidays, but I have felt really overwhelmed every time I looked in … Continue reading

Best porridge ever!

Things have been crazy here lately… hence the lack of blogging. 🙂  We had a HarryPotterthon last weekend – the plan was to watch all the previous movies before the release of the final one.  It didn’t quite work out… I was still watching the last one on Tuesday evening.  I had booked tickets for myself and a friend, … Continue reading

Day 6 (is it really only Wednesday?)

Here we are, less than a week into things and I’ve already missed a day!  Day 5 wasn’t much to get excited about anyway.  Not saying there was anything wrong with yesterday… It was a good day, I had fun, I spent time with the boys, I was busy all day, and I even managed to sleep … Continue reading

Day 4

Today started early… I was awake around 5am and at the local pool with DS3 by 6am.  We swam and played, while DH worked out in the gym! When we got back home, I served some porridge to DS3 – ever since he was little, porridge has been his favourite breakfast, he practically breathes it in… today, he ate less … Continue reading

Day 3

Sunday is normally a pretty full on day in our household.  There’s bound to be a queue for the showers and we’re usually tired from Saturday’s activities.  Then, we go meet with our awesome church and by the time we get home for lunch, it is often 2pm, or sometimes even later.  Sunday afternoon naps … Continue reading

Day Twoo Hoo!

This weekend was the first in a long time, that I didn’t have work or a function to go to.  I was looking forward to a full day of experimenting with the TMX, after picking up DS2 from my parent’s house. This morning, DH had a go at juicing in the TMX.  He made the Orange … Continue reading